Our team

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La Suzienne, our cellar is structured according to a common blueprint in our profession.

At the head is a President elected during the General Assembly gathering once a year. The future of the cellar has been put into Jean-Louis LABAUME since 2005. With an administration council of 22 involved wine growers, the assembly is the place of great strategic decisions.

Jean-Louis LABAUME is also a member of the Union of Wine Growers of Côtes du Rhône.

General Management has been under Alain BAYONNE’s responsibility since 2007 and is in charge of implementing these decisions, of the relationship with our wine growers, of the harvest follow up and of the entire administration of the structure.

An efficient technical team takes care of all the upstream and, then in the cellars to guaranty the high quality of the wine we offer our faithful customers.

A professional and available customer service and a Selling Cellar open every day are there to answer all your questions regarding your order, our wines or any specific request.

Anais, Jérôme, Sandrine and Christine will be happy to welcome you to our Cellar to have you taste our jewels and to give you advices.