The Suze wine history roots back to the 16th century. One night of 1564, Charles IX and his mother arrived in Suze, followed by a majestic court. Charles had come to baptize the daughter of François de la Beaume, Lord of Suze and Governor of Provence. During the festivities given in town for this great event, François de Beaume had offered to his guests a local wine that was so delightful that Catherine de Medicis who really enjoyed it came back to Suze in July 1579 and acquired the vines that produced that “divine drink”.

In 1925, aware of the difficulties to come for viticulture, a few wine growers among which Louis BOYER and Léon BOUDON who was the town mayor decided to gather to select grape varieties and offer together high quality production.

La Cave à sa créationThe 80 first members designated Louis BOYER as the head of the cooperative. Lead with prudence and authority, it went so well that it gathered up to 880 members, spread throughout the town of South Drôme and Noth Vaucluse.