Côtes du Rhône Villages

The Appellation Côtes du Rhône Villages was granted in 1982. Coming from restrained and limited soils according to pedoclimatic data within the Côtes du Rhône production zones, the wines are exclusively Reds. That volume is the smallest of all our wine Appellations.

Naturaly more full-bodied and opulent than their counterparts Côtes du Rhône, they can be reasonably kept up to 5 to 7 years. These past few years we have been offering an excellent Côtes du Rhône Villages Rochegude (from the name of the nearby village) which has been classified in the AOP Côtes du Rhône Villages Communal.

Speaking of which, the wine growers of Bollène, Bouchet, Tulette and Suze have regrouped to unanimously ask the INAO (National Institute of Appellation d’Origine) to create the Appellation Côtes du Rhone Village with the name of Suze la Rousse town.