Côtes du Rhône Appellation was granted in 1937, ie 10 years after the Cellar’s creation. What a reward for those “pioneer” wine growers who were willing to give the best of themselves and of their plots to the numerous customers who were already trusting the cellar and its wines.

Historically, it is the most important production of the cellar, volume wise. Would they be Reds, Rosés or Whites, the Côtes du Rhône from Suze are very centered on fruit, they are lively, supple and round. Their good potency also gives it body and subtlety. The tannic structure is never to pronounced, especially for our Reds, which allows offering red Côtes du Rhone that are easily accessible and can be savored at room temperature or slightly cool throughout the day.

Our terroir is caraterized by wide surfaces of grape, planted on rather flat soil. The pebbles mix in with the clay and limestone soil and the Mistral wind always blowing is available to cool down the effects of a hot sun or to positively breathe out the vine stock and its foliage after the storm.